Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Wraithkind kabal

Instead of craming all of my diffrent amries into one blog I started a seperate one for my dark eldar.

Removing paint

After my blunder with the XV8 I had to figureout how to remove the paint, so I looked it up on internet and found that greensoap and water shold do the trick. I tested it and after having the XV8 bathing in greensoap and water for an hour I started scraping the paint and it worked pretty good, but I will be more careful with the priming her on after so I dont have to do this again. A tip dont prime your models when its -20°C...I should have figure that out before I did it but thats life and lesson learned.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Color test complete...

..and I'm none the wiser. Dam all the possibilities or perhaps myself for not being able to make up my mind. The result was pretty good but I screwed up with the primer so I had to remove all the paint and redo it. I did paint it with scorpion green as the main colour and I had snot green as a secondary colour to break up the main colour. The metal parts on the legs and joints were painted black and the head white with red lenses. Then I realised one thing...I have allot of different mini's and I often plan to paint them green when I first see them and I usually do. So I don't want all my armies painted green...dam that wonderful colour, I really like it but having a horde of green minis aint that fun to look at.

Dark Eldar - Turquoise, Black and Red (not green but greenish)
Tau - Green, Green and black? or Urban...(Kroots are painted orange atleast)
Orks - Green and black (hard to avoid green here)
Dark Angels - Dark Angel Green (cant avoid green here either)
Space Marines - Haven't painted my Black Reach minis yet, but I was thinking painting them as Mantis (green again damit), should probably paint them as Emperor's Spears.
Space Wolves - No green here (yay)

Dark Elves - Black and green
High Elves - Green and white

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Colour testing...

...the jungle cadre on a XV8. I'm not doing exactly as the picture in post below, but trying scorpion green as a colour. On the test model I primed white and then I painted Dark Angel Green, then Snot Green and last but not least Scorpion Green. If the results scream at me I'm going with urban theme instead, if I don't come up with another way of having bright green jungle cadre that doesn't irritate your eyes.

[Picture removed from source - Sorry]

Painting my Tau, but which colors?

So I have assembled most of my Tau Battleforce and now it is time to paint them. I have already done the Kroots and now it's time for the Tau¨and I don't know which colours to choose. I had to ask my self if I should paint camouflage or not, urban or jungle and so on. So now I have narrowed it down to two choices, jungle or urban. I have found some pics that are close to what I want.

This urban scheme are from

or something like this jungle cadre...
What should I choose...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


This is my orange Kroot, I painted them orange to separate them from my green Tau. My first try at the orange wasn't too good, they looked like they had been flayed so I had make some adjustments and I'm pretty satisfied with them.  I painted some tattoo/war paint on them, I want my Kroot to really have a savage feel to them and some tattoo/war paint do the trick.

How I painted the skin:
1) White Prime
2) Blazing Orange
3) Baal Red Wash
4) Drybrush 1:1 Blazing Orange:Golden Yellow
5) Drybrush 1:2 Blazing Orange:Golden Yellow
6) Drybrush 1:3 Blazing Orange:Golden Yellow
7) Drybrush 1:4 Blazing Orange:Golden Yellow

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I have finished making two hills, one is a stepped hill and the other is a regular hill with some ruins on one side. They are made of styrofoam and I glued some cardboard on the bottom for some extra protection. Between the cardboard and the styrofoam there were a gap so I used some filler to cover it up, same thing goes for the stepped hills two tiers and I used toothpicks and glue to make it stay put. The painting part I started with the stone parts and painted dark grey and then I drybrushed it 4-5 times and each time I used a lighter shade of grey, for the grass part I just painted it dark green . I used two different types of citadel static grass to cover the hills, grass and glade grass. The ruin parts are cut and shaped styrofoam that I put on the hill using toothpicks and glue. Next terrain I thinking of building is either some Tau ruined outpost or a Mekk Boy hut, perhaps I should get the bamboo forest done first…