Saturday, 28 May 2011

Minotaurs Terminator

Its time for another Minotaurs update, I have been painting some terminators and I got one done so far. I have also read about how to make your own light tent and I will make one so hopefully the pics will get alot better, but heres my first terinator for the Minotaurs chapter:

I have also got my Minotaurs transfersheet from Forgeworld, but waiting for  some Vallejo Decal Medium to arrive. I got the tip from one of the guys at the local gamestore that it will look like the transfer is painted on. I will put transfers on all the painted marines I got painted as Minotaurs and take some group shots when the Vallejo Decal Medium  have arrived.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Marine Sergeant

Got a sergeant done for my Minotaurs force, I had started painting him as a Emperor's Spears's and I didn't bother to remove that paint before painting him as a Minotaur. So there is allot of layers on this guy but I'm pretty happy with the result. I did change how I painted the bronze armour, instead of layering dwarf bronze over brown I used tin bitz  and drybrushed bronzed over it. The result is a bit darker and not as shiny.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Second weathering on my Minotaurs

I had to try another way of weathering the bronze armor on my Minotaurs before I get started on more minis. I used 2 layers of wash over Dwarf Bronze on the armor and this time i used Hawk Turquoise 1:2 Thraka green and I added some water to the mix. After that I used watered down Devlan mud to bring down the brightness from the previous wash coat.

I realy dont know which one I like beter I might have to improve this version before making a final decision and here is a pic of my previvious version werer I used a 1:1 mix of Thraka green and Asuremen blue over dwarfbronze with a watered down Devlan Mud coat over it.

You can find more pics of this mini in previous posts.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Minotaurs Space Marine done

So here it is my first Minotaurs marine, pretty happy with the results, unfortunately the photos don't show the blue/green shading in the crevasses that I'm really satisfied with. The only thing I'm not happy with is the eyes but I always have problems with the eyes, but I'm getting better for every set eyes I do.

Here you go, one tactical Space marine from the Minotaur chapter:

Thursday, 5 May 2011

WIP Space Marine from the Minotaurs chapter

Well Im working on a marine from the Minotaurs chapter, the model is almost finnished and the base are not even close. Im thinking of either going with the blue/grey color or a red onw, i have to think about that for a while. But here is a pic of it, enjoy.

The Minotaur Space marine chapter

I got my hands on a friends Imperial Armor 9 and 10 this week and when I went through the the different chapters i halted at the Minotaur chapter and thought to myself wow they look great and the fluff made me wanna play them. I have had a problem choosing what space marine chapter I should paint my marines as, I always liked space wolves but my brother have them and I don't want to play the same chapter as him so I have painted some as Emperor's Spears,  but the Minotaurs are my favorite right now and i really like the bronze armor. So I have a Minotaur marine on the way its a w.i.p right now but I hope to get it done tonight and I will update with some pics of it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How I painted my Emperor's Spears

After my first Emperor's Spears model I was almost satisfied with it, but as always I started to think how could I do it bettter and specialy the white helmet that looked measssy. So I altered my orignal way a bit to make it smoother painted, but the white paint need to go its to old i think or Im just not thinig it enough.  So here is how I did it; started with priming them with black and then...

The Armor
Fenris Grey 1:1 Regal Blue
Regal Blue
Enchanted Blue
Asurman Blue Wash in the crevasses
Enchanted Blue 1:1 Skull White
Higlight with Enchanted Blue 1: 3 Skull White

Helmet and Aquila
Grey 1:1 Space Wolves Grey
Space Wolves Grey
Asurman Blue Wash in the crevasses
Skull White

Bronze/Gold details
Scorched Brown
Dwarf Bronze
Devlan Mud
Highlight with Burnished Gold
(Boltgun Metal on sharp edges)

Mercherite Red (the whole eye)
Blood Red (middlepart and down part of the eye)
Blazing Orange (lowest part of the eye)

Black parts
Chaos Black
Highlight with Adeptus battlegrey

Base (going for a beachy feeling here)
Desert Yellow
Drybrush Kommando Khaki
Drybrush Bleached Bone
Drybrush gently Skull White

So Cleanse, Purge, Kill in the name of the Emperor and enjoy. (sorry about the bad photos, I know some are a bit too blury)

Sunday, 1 May 2011


I found this old Draft among my not finished posts...its about three years old. Anyway I thought I would post it because this terrain have seen allot of action the last few years. So enjoy my take on the Miniwargaming can terrain.

Well more terrain is  always needed so the games don't always look the same and so on. I looked around and found this video from Miniwargaming; How to Make Factory War Game Terrain from a Can. I did modify it a bit but the basic is the same as you will see if you watch the video and compare it with my version.

Materials: can, cardboard (as in the video and as a base), straw, a small bit of polystyrene (as a concrete block), small gravel (for the base), some bits from a broken fire truck toy ( used them as handles).

The Can; 
1. Basecoat black 
2. Drybrush with scorched brown
3. Drybrush with 1:1 mix with scorched brown and boltgun metal
4. Mercherite Red 1:1 Scorched Brown really watered down to an wash

Pipe bits;
1. Basecoat black
2. Scorched Brown
3. Dwarf Bronze
4. Devland Mud
5. Drybrushed Boltgun Metal

Metal bits:
1. Basecoat black
2. Boltgun metal 
3.Washed with Devlan mud
4. Highlighted with bolgun metal

The base;
1. Basecoat black
2. Drybrush Adeptus battle grey
3. Drybrush Codex grey
4. Mercherite Red 1:1 Scorched Brown really watered down to an wash (Used around the can)
5. Drybrushed Astronomican Grey