Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tau markerlight glove

I was putting a squad together for the Fallen Princes Squad comp. and I wanted to make my Shas'ui (squad leader) to standout from he rest of the squad. So I made a markerlight glove for him, the material I used were:

1x Fire Warrior arm
1x Fire warrior rifle scope
1x XV25 Stealth Suit glove

1. Cut of the forearm from the Fire Warrior arm.

2. Cut off the forearm on the XV25 arm and the foremostpart of the box, its here the scope optic will be placed.

3.  Cut off the foremost part of the scope and the small round parts on each side of the scope.

4. The optic part goes on the front part on the rasied part on the glove and the small round parts goes on the sides of the box. I had to use greenstuff to fit in the optic part.

5. Next I pinned the markerlight glove on to the firewarrior arm and greenstuffed the space between the glove and arm.

I think I will add some cable between the glove and the backpack, other then that this is how I did the markerlight glove, enjoy.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Swamp bases

Well I'm in process of making some swamp bases and these bases are in general forest bases with some water effect  on them. I have already glued little toy soldiers on to the bases (bad old  habit) so if I'm gonna use water effect it will require some modification on the bases. The alternative to water effect is to use something that isn't clear and paint it as water surface and use some gloss varnish to make it look like water surface. The colour on the water can  be green blue or black, so  here you can always choose a colour that work best with the colour on your minis.

When it comes to swamps vegetation there is usually some high grass in it, you can have some tree roots breaking the surface in water and why not some swamp animals if you can fit on the base. The colours on the vegetation are green, yellow and brown, but you could use different colours if you want to make it have a more alien feel to it. I'm making these bases for my Tau army so I'm not really restricted to using 'real' swamp colours for the bases, I could go nuts with it really so long it looks good.


If I'm happy with the result I will post a "tutorial" on how I made them.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Got a new kid

As the title said I got a new kid last night, our second son was borned. It is all wounderfull and great and the only downside which is minor is that my hobby time will be reduced the coming weeks. So my goal to complete my squad for the TFP competiton will be a challange and I think I still can complete it in time.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

TFP Contest update

I got some update for the comp over at The Fallen Princes, I haven't done that much yet but I have started painting at least. My plan is to divide the 12 man squad in to three groups for the painting so I don't get sloppy with the painting and I was thinking of doing the Devilfish after the squad is done, mainly for a single reason, I haven't decided on what camo pattern I will use.

But here is at least two Firewarriors, I have mostly have been painting the clothes and the armour is only primed.

Friday, 3 June 2011

TFP Competition

So The Fallen Princes have another painting compitition, this time the theme is SQUAD. I would have entered the compitition  with a space marine squad if I had one, but I dont so I have entered with a Firewarrior squad. The competition will end at 24th of july so I have some time to do this, the first step is almost done and it is the assembly.

So this is my squad, 12 Firewarriors and a Devilfish.

Wish me luck on step which include selecting a colour scheme.