Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WiP XV8 Sharkfin

In the previous post I showed you the base for a XV8 battlesuit, now I have started painting the battlesuit. So I had a plan how to paint it but when I now look at it wonder if I should change the colour scheme. The only thing I have painted for now is the legs, neck and son metallic  and the armour parts were to be painted nightmare blue (50/50 Chaos Black and Regal Blue) as the fire warriors armour. Hen I look at it now it do sent feel right at the moment so I got to stop painting it and start pondering about if I have made a right choice or not.

The battlesuit are gonna be a Sha´'el or a Shas'o so my thought was to make it stand out from the regular XV8 suits. The regular XV8's armour  will be painted with a mix of 50/5 Camo Green and Catachan green and the non armour parts are gonna be painted nightmare blue. But now I started to think that I should have painted it as a regular XV8 and just added some red parts to make it stand out from the crowd. Anyone having a thought about it drop me comment below.

Here some pics ho far I  have come on the painting before coming to a halt.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

A jungle base for a XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

The Fire Warrior squad that I failed to complete in time for a comp over at the fallen princes blog got me tired of it, I havent that much left to do on them but it really dosn't appeal to me yet to get them done. So instead I have made a base fore one of my XV8 Crisis Battle Suits (Sharkfin), I want my XV8 suits to have a more decorative base then my fire warriors. The vegitation that is on the rock is made by green stuff got a bit flattend in the process in making this base, I wanted them to have a more rounded shape, the snake is also made from green stuff and I searched the for picures on bright colored snakes before painting it. The reed is made from straws from a toothbrush the red small fruits/flowers on the reed are just blobs that I accidently made when melting the straws together so I had to find some use for it. The rock is painted tree bark and the water is made of white glue that is painted and coated with a gloss varnish. There is room for improvement but it was fun to make and the only thing Im not happy with is the glow from the broken Necron torso in the water. I might add some static grass but there aint that much room on the base were it will look good, but that is for another day when I have painted Sharkfin.

Enjoy some pics.