Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tau color scheme

I have yet to make up my mind about what colour scheme I should use for my Tau. I have painted two more possible colour scheme and beside the three different colour schemes I have painted I like the Vior'la sept colour scheme. But anyway this is the three different colour schemes I have painted so far:

So from the left I have the Urban theme, I like the idea about urban but it is a bit dull with grey and black.
In the middle I thought about not having any camo in mind but I wanted a colourful scheme, a bit anime I guess.
The last one is the on I have posted before, a swamp/jungle theme camo.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

AoBR Dreadnought dressed in bronze for success

First dreadnought for my Minotaur's is now done, painted it at the latest version how I do my Minos, the thing I did differently is the weathered bronze look.  I have tried different way to make it look good by using mixed washes of blue and green and diluted turquoise down to a wash but non of these two ways were any good. The wash mix didn't show  as well I had hoped and the turquoise were to bright green as a wash. So I diluted turquoise down to a wash again but this time I added some green into it (turquoise 2:1 green) and I applied it two times on the dreadnought and I liked the result, I might even go back to my already painted Minotaur's and apply it to them.

Here some pics.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tau Shas'ui with markerlight glove

Got a few minutes over to do some painting this week, so I got a Shas'ui with the markerlight glove conversion on it done.  The green stuff work on the glove could have been better but it will have to do now after I have painted it.

The colour scheme:

1) Base coated Chaos Black.
2) Nightmare Blue.
3) Highlight Nightmare Blue 1:1 Space Wolves Grey.
4) Highlight Space Wolves Grey on the most prominent parts.

1) Base coated Chaos Black.
2) Catchan Green.
3) Catchan Green 1:1 Camo Green.
4) Highlight Camo Green.
5)  Highlight Rotting Flesh on the most prominent parts.