Monday, 31 October 2011

Minotaurs Commander wip

It's have been some time since I have posted something new upon this blog, I have a new job thats taking up allot of time. But today I have some energy left to put up another post and this time its about my Minotaurs Commander and I know its not the best choice to have the commander in a assault squad, but its  more appealing to have a heads on commander charging the enemy.

Its as you will see in the picture I have based my commander model on Sanguinary Guard becuse the models are awesome, I have been taking away the blood drops on the armour and other Blood Angel icons to make it less Blood Angel like.

The idea is to have a assault commander with storm bolter and a relic blade, I'm in the process to changing the axe head, putting some personal heraldry on one of the shoulder pads. I have put some Tomb king bits instead of some Space Marine cloth, I will also try to put more Tom Kings bits on this commander to make it less Blood Angel like and that is the big issue with using Sanguinary Guard model for another chapter.