Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kabal of the Void Kraken symbol

I have set the bar high for my self when decided that I shall have a kabal symbol painted on the sails on my Raiders/Ravagers. So I did come up with a symbol that I think looks and feels like a Dark Eldar kabal symbol, so here's the the my first draft and I might change it after I have tried to paint it.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dark Eldar paint colour test

I got bored painting Tau, for the moment at least and I looked through the boxes of miniatures I got and I found my Dark Eldar, I have painted some of them before in the Wraithkind colour scheme, but now when my Tau are painted turquoise I wanted to re-paint them.

So I painted two dark eldar test models, they are from the DE raider and I knew that I wanted to paint them in some sort of green, a darker green. So I started paint the first one and painted it without really thinking, so when it was done I looked at it and a thought struck me....this look alot like the DE pictures form GW, dam! But atleast I was pleased with the result,to bad it wasn't the colour I wanted.

So I painted another DE and still in green but a lighter green then Incubi Darkness coulour I used on the miniature above and here it is, the colour for the Kabal of the Void Kraken;

I was a bit heavy on the green wash but the green is the right kind of green I wanted for the armour. The best thing was after I have painted these two dark elves I wanted to paint more of them so I assembled ten  Wyches, all I have to do know is keep on painting before my steam runs out.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Here is something I'm working on for the moment, a Tau XV88 Battle suit. The concept is a night fighting cadre so that's  the reason for the colour scheme (or rather the reason I came up with besides that I like turquoise).

Its a wip,  I have some more highlighting and cleaning up to do on the XV88 and the weapons of course.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Brotherhood of the Storm

Well I couldn't resist the temptation, so I have pre-orderd the The Brotherhoood of the Storm book earlier this week. I have been thinking of doing a small pre-heresy force and if I like what's in the book I probably will make a pre-heresy force a White Scars one.

Check out the book over at the Black Library

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dire Avanger alternative color scheme

Here's a Dire Avenger its orange, not blue as GW paint them, I dont like them painted blue. Well the main reason I painted it orange is beacuse I will paint my Corsairs orange and I wanted to see how it would look so this model had to take the blow.

My corsair will not have the white helmet, but they will have the grey weapons and black faceplate part of the helmet as this Dire Avanger.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Skaven Packmaster

Here is the packmaster for the two Rat Ogres I  have painted for my brother, I painted it rthe same way that I painted the Rat Ogres.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Rat Ogres

As a thank you to my brother that helped me out with some stuff I have painted a pair of Rat Ogres from the Island of Blood starter box, the pack master is on it's way to be finnished and there will be a post when it's finished

The paint job on these are simple thing, base-wash-higlight. The skin got another highlight, so the time it took me to paint these were minimum but it's tabletop standard (as I see table top standard).

The fun of painting something diffrent made me have think think abit more before slapping on some paint on the minis.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Asterion Moloc

Well I have done it, my Asterion Moloc mini is painted. I could spend some more time with highlighting and the spearhead. Also the shield isn't what I want it o be, but I havn't decided what Im gonna do with it, but the mini is well enough painted to play with in the next Badab Wars Campaign ahead. if I have the timne and inspiration I will revisit this model, becuse it deserves to be finnished properly.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Asterion Moloc WIP 4

The progress is moving forward atleast, I have added added the corrosion on the armor, put some paint on the base. Next time I post the model will be finnished.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Asterion Moloc WIP 3

Well I didnt satrip the paint, I used Reikland Flesh Wash to make the armor more bronze like, but anyway this time it's the cloak. I have tried to do thin layers for a smoother transitition from dark to light on the cloak. I still might add another light layer on the raised areas.

The base colour for the red is Red Gore and then I added black for the dark areas and then I just added more red to to make it lighter. For the higlighted areas I added Blood red to red gore to make it lighter.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Asterion Moloc WIP 2

I got some more time to paint the Minotaur's chapter master Asterion Moloc. I continued to paint the mini with Vallejo Brass, then a layer5 of Sephia and the last thing I did was to apply a layer of Devlan Mud.

It don't look like bronze to me, I have to strip the paint and have another go, with other paints.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Asterion Moloc WIP

I have started to paint the Minotaurs chapter master Asterion Moloc, I really like this model so it's gonna be fun to paint it.

With the new paints from GW I have to paint with new colours, I didnt buy extra pots of the old paints so now I dont have any left to paint my growing force, I have to try out new paint and see what I like.

So far I have undercoated the model with Chaos Black spray paint, a layer with Tin Bitz and a layer with dry brushed Rune Lord Brass on it and here is a WIP pic, enjoy:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Minotaurs force photo

Well it's time to post pictures of the whole force I have painted, this is what I have so far:

2x Razorbacks
2x Tactical squads
1x Assault Terminator squad
1x Dreadnought
1x Chaplain with jump pack
1x Commander wi th jump pack & relic blade

I have a huge problem with taking photos, or rather I don't have any good lightsource to use when taking photos so I have to edit them a bit in photoshop.  I have been searching for a guide to take photos and there is a ton of them so Im gonna read through some of them and learn so I can post a lot better photos.

 If you as a reader have found a great guide or you have you'r own way to take photos oof you'r minis please drop a comment, I would appreciate it alot.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Badab war phase 3

So I finally got around an had a game played today.  We were 2 players on each side with 1000 p each, objective and there were allot of buildings on the table.

So my Minotaurs teamed up with Nova Marines against Tyrant Legion and Mantis Warriors and the fast version is that we lost, 1-2 objectives unfortunately. We had 2 objectives on our side of the table so we sat back and waited for them to move against us, so we could gun them down in the open....that didn't go so well.

Mantis warriors infiltrated and went around our main firing line, that did hurt some but not as much as when my assault terminators that deep strike and there were a mishap, a sad end to the squad.
My two Razorbacks were popped first turn and that it hard to get rid of the two Leman Russ tanks they had. All in all the game went south pretty quick but we had two objective until the end of the 4th turn and it was in that turn my Assault terminators tried to deep strike near the objective to help to hold it. After all this whining I did went our way was the Nova Marines terminators that three rounds of awesome shooting, one of my combat squad held up a 10 man assault marine squad for three turns, a lonely Minotaur tac marine survived over ten shots in one turn, so not all were bad.

But hey it were fun and it were a really enjoyable game. I didn't get some pics, I will try to get some next weekend, when we are gonna have a Apocalypse game if i remember correctly.

My 1000 point army list were as follow:

Jump pack, melta bombs

Tac. Sqd.
x5 Marines, plasma gun, plasma cannon

TWL lascannons, extra armor

Tac. Sqd.
x5 Marines, plasma gun, Hvy bolter, melta bombs

TWL lascannons, extra armor

Assault Marines
Power fist, Meltabombs

Assault Terminators

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Terminators and a Chaplain

I should had posted  pictures of my Minotaurs force, but I haven't finished the last razorback yet so it will have yo wait. But I have some pictures of my Terminator squad and my chaplain, sorry for the fuzzy pics I will have better ones when I post pictures of the whole force.


The shields are the spartan shields from Scibor, I wanted round shields for them and these shields do the job. I cut of the hands holding the original stormshield a glued it to the new round shields, thats all I did, easy as cake.

I revisited the terminators in this post.


I had a idea that I should convert the chaplain into the Minotaurs special character chaplain, but before I could start with it Forge World showed a picture of the chaplain in one of their newsletters and I thought to hell with converting this chaplain, I will wait for the real miniature to come out.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First Razorback finished

Well my first Razorback for my Minotaurs force is finished and have been for some days I haven't had time to post it until now. The Badab War campaign starts on Friday so I have to finish the whole army pretty soon.

Here is some pictures of the Razorback:

I have a wip picture of my tactical and terminator squads , so here it is:

I haven't started on my second Razorback or my Chaplain, so I have to really get down to business the coming days. :)


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Minotaurs Razorback WIP

Got a Razorback on the painting table wit some extra armor and chapter doors from Forgeworld. I have changed the bronze colour I use, so its a bit lighter and I think it is much better then using dwarf bronze.
When I used Dwarf Bronze the armor was so dark that you couldnt really see the it against the dark armor, so that should be a nice improvement to the rest of the army that is on the way to be painted.

Well back to the razorback at hand, I have some shadowing to do with some greenish wash so it will look more aged and there is only a minor thing left to paint on it because I have to have the whole army painted at the end of this month.

enjoy the pics and the finnished Razorback will be posted as soon its done.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Badab Wars army list

It' time to get the list done for the Badab campaign at my local hobbyshop at the end of february, so    a 1000 points army list had to be made. The first list attempts I had the chapter master for the Minotaurs in it, but at 1000 point he's a it too expensive, so I have used the chaplain Ivanus instead so I have a special character from the forgeworld books. It's a shame that the minature isn't gonna be released until april, so a substitute have to be made for this Badab Wars campaign.

Enough rambling here is the 1000 point list:

Chaplain Ivanus
-Jump pack

Tactical Squad
-5 extra marines  -Plasma Cannon -Plasma Gun

      -Storm Bolter  -Extra Armour   - TWL Las Cannons

Tactical Squad
-5 extra marines -H.Bolter -Melta Gun

      -Storm Boter  -Extra Armour

Assault Terminators
- Storm Shield    -Thunderhammer

Assault Marines
-Power Fist 

If I get can get more points ready in time I might chanige some of the units equipment in this list ut this is the moels I got so far and Im in the process of painting them, because all models need to be painted and based for this comp. I would like to add a VAnguard squad and stick Ivanus in that instead of the Assault marine squad, but hey its little over a month left for the comp so changes can still happen.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Minotaurs Assault Marine Squad

I have finnished a squad of Assault Marines, they are gonna be a part of the Badab War campaign at the end of Feruary. I havn't decied yet on the exact list I will bring but it will be based on what miniatures I have now and it will probably not be the best competetive 1000 points list. But hey is should be fun to play and there is certain squads that I like because of the look or the fluff, so they will be in the list for that reason alone.

Anyway, here is some pics of the assault squad;

Minotaurs Commander painted

Well here it is alot later then I thought I would post the pics of the Minotaurs Space Marine Commander.
Most of the commanders body are from the BA Sanguinary Guard, the tabard came from a Tomb Kings miniature same as the axe head. The storm bolter came from a terminator and jumpack is a standard one from the assult marine box.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Badab War tournament

My local hobby store have announced that at the end of February they are hosting a Badab War tournament. The store haven't released all info yet, what they have said is that each player shall have fully painted 1000 points army and that there is gonna be 2 vs 2 players on most scenarios. They also have been talking about having boarding scenarios, which I really would enjoy.

So until the end of February I need to:

1) Create my 1000 points list
2) Get the models for the list
3) Paint all the models

1) So when it comes to creating my army list I have two things I want to include and that is a squad of assault terminators with ss and th, the second thing I want to include is the chapter master for the Minotaurs Asterion Moloc. They are take up allot of points, specially Aterion Moloc in a 1000 points list but he is a nice HQ to have. More notes about my list is coming later on...

2) I have ordered a assault terminator squad and some round shields from scibor and that's all I have incoming so far, but when I have decided on what list I shall have I will order the units as fast as I can so I can paint the all in time.

3) Well the paint scheme is in place and its really easy to paint so I should be able to paint them all before the tourney.

And yes I know I should have posted my Commander, he is finished but as life goes there haven't been enough time, but I will post some pictures of him later this week.