Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First Razorback finished

Well my first Razorback for my Minotaurs force is finished and have been for some days I haven't had time to post it until now. The Badab War campaign starts on Friday so I have to finish the whole army pretty soon.

Here is some pictures of the Razorback:

I have a wip picture of my tactical and terminator squads , so here it is:

I haven't started on my second Razorback or my Chaplain, so I have to really get down to business the coming days. :)


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Minotaurs Razorback WIP

Got a Razorback on the painting table wit some extra armor and chapter doors from Forgeworld. I have changed the bronze colour I use, so its a bit lighter and I think it is much better then using dwarf bronze.
When I used Dwarf Bronze the armor was so dark that you couldnt really see the it against the dark armor, so that should be a nice improvement to the rest of the army that is on the way to be painted.

Well back to the razorback at hand, I have some shadowing to do with some greenish wash so it will look more aged and there is only a minor thing left to paint on it because I have to have the whole army painted at the end of this month.

enjoy the pics and the finnished Razorback will be posted as soon its done.