Saturday, 24 March 2012

Badab war phase 3

So I finally got around an had a game played today.  We were 2 players on each side with 1000 p each, objective and there were allot of buildings on the table.

So my Minotaurs teamed up with Nova Marines against Tyrant Legion and Mantis Warriors and the fast version is that we lost, 1-2 objectives unfortunately. We had 2 objectives on our side of the table so we sat back and waited for them to move against us, so we could gun them down in the open....that didn't go so well.

Mantis warriors infiltrated and went around our main firing line, that did hurt some but not as much as when my assault terminators that deep strike and there were a mishap, a sad end to the squad.
My two Razorbacks were popped first turn and that it hard to get rid of the two Leman Russ tanks they had. All in all the game went south pretty quick but we had two objective until the end of the 4th turn and it was in that turn my Assault terminators tried to deep strike near the objective to help to hold it. After all this whining I did went our way was the Nova Marines terminators that three rounds of awesome shooting, one of my combat squad held up a 10 man assault marine squad for three turns, a lonely Minotaur tac marine survived over ten shots in one turn, so not all were bad.

But hey it were fun and it were a really enjoyable game. I didn't get some pics, I will try to get some next weekend, when we are gonna have a Apocalypse game if i remember correctly.

My 1000 point army list were as follow:

Jump pack, melta bombs

Tac. Sqd.
x5 Marines, plasma gun, plasma cannon

TWL lascannons, extra armor

Tac. Sqd.
x5 Marines, plasma gun, Hvy bolter, melta bombs

TWL lascannons, extra armor

Assault Marines
Power fist, Meltabombs

Assault Terminators

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Terminators and a Chaplain

I should had posted  pictures of my Minotaurs force, but I haven't finished the last razorback yet so it will have yo wait. But I have some pictures of my Terminator squad and my chaplain, sorry for the fuzzy pics I will have better ones when I post pictures of the whole force.


The shields are the spartan shields from Scibor, I wanted round shields for them and these shields do the job. I cut of the hands holding the original stormshield a glued it to the new round shields, thats all I did, easy as cake.

I revisited the terminators in this post.


I had a idea that I should convert the chaplain into the Minotaurs special character chaplain, but before I could start with it Forge World showed a picture of the chaplain in one of their newsletters and I thought to hell with converting this chaplain, I will wait for the real miniature to come out.