Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kabal of the Void Kraken symbol

I have set the bar high for my self when decided that I shall have a kabal symbol painted on the sails on my Raiders/Ravagers. So I did come up with a symbol that I think looks and feels like a Dark Eldar kabal symbol, so here's the the my first draft and I might change it after I have tried to paint it.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dark Eldar paint colour test

I got bored painting Tau, for the moment at least and I looked through the boxes of miniatures I got and I found my Dark Eldar, I have painted some of them before in the Wraithkind colour scheme, but now when my Tau are painted turquoise I wanted to re-paint them.

So I painted two dark eldar test models, they are from the DE raider and I knew that I wanted to paint them in some sort of green, a darker green. So I started paint the first one and painted it without really thinking, so when it was done I looked at it and a thought struck me....this look alot like the DE pictures form GW, dam! But atleast I was pleased with the result,to bad it wasn't the colour I wanted.

So I painted another DE and still in green but a lighter green then Incubi Darkness coulour I used on the miniature above and here it is, the colour for the Kabal of the Void Kraken;

I was a bit heavy on the green wash but the green is the right kind of green I wanted for the armour. The best thing was after I have painted these two dark elves I wanted to paint more of them so I assembled ten  Wyches, all I have to do know is keep on painting before my steam runs out.