Saturday, 30 March 2013

Eldar Warlock

I have had an Eldar Battleforce and some other eldar miniatures laying around for over a year now, with the rumours flying around that Eldar will get a new codex this year I thought it was time to start assemble the eldars.

I went with a orange craftworld and when I started too look around on the different craftworlds on the internet my colour scheme looks a lot like the Lugganath craftworld, it isn't supposed to be that specific craftworld but it doesn't really matter. I have changed some smaller details for my guardians to make them look different from the guardians of the Lugganath craftworld.

Now on to the painting!

Orange; I used the same colours and procedures to paint the fire dragons orange with the citadel paints,

Sword; I wanted to go with a more jade like colour on the sword, and I haven't tried to paint a crystal/stone sword before. I found a guide I liked on youtube by WarbossTae (
Instead of using a blue palette I went with green, the colours I used were Incubi Darkness/Kabalite Green/Sybarite Green/Pallid Wych Flesh/White Scar/Coelia Greenshade. I followed the guide from WarbossTae to the most part, then I mixed the colours a bit more, I even tried to wt blend for the first time. The sword came out ok I think, could have more clear colours and perhaps better blending to make a smoother transition.

Jewels; I used green yo contrast the orange, blue or purple was also an option but I do like green better. I used Incubi Darkness/Kabalaite Green/Sybarite Green/White Scar.

Fur; The fur was painted with Kommando Khaki and dry brushed with White Scar.