Friday, 7 June 2013


My local Hobby shop have decided to run a Dreadball league, so I jumped on the Dreadball train and I picked up the Void Sirens (Human females). I have never played a Dreadball game before so this is will be interesting, I did like Blood Bowl back i the days so the chance that I don't like it is minimal.

So while I wait for the league to start I have played around with colour scheme and team names and this is what I came up  with:

Team name; Myrmidonnas (coming from Myrmidons)
Team colour;  Light green legs which gradually moves over to turquoise

I have also started doing my own folder cover for the carrying case that you get when buying the team and here is my wip for that;

Im not the artist for anything on the folder, its just a cut and paste job I have done here and picturs of the team will come up when I'm done with the whole team.