Sunday, 26 January 2014

Eldar Guardian Defender Squad

Just finished my first Guardian Defender Squad and I learned allot about painting orange while doing it. The way I paint my Eldar is that when I wash these mini I need to be allot more careful so the wash don't pool up anywhere, I had to re-apply base and layer colours on several miniatures. The second thin is that Troll Slayer Orange is a thin colour and might need to be applied in several layers to achieve a smooth layer.

I'm not totally satisfied with the result, but they look good enough for me to put on table.

Base coat - White

Base - Jokaero Orange

Wash - Reikland Fleshade
Layer - Troll Slayer Orange (you might have to apply several layers)
Highlight -Fire Dragon Bright

Base - Incubi Darkness
Layer 1 - Kabalite Green
Layer 2/ Highlight - Sybarite Green

Base - Abaddon Black
Highlight -  Mechanicus Standard Grey


Monday, 13 January 2014

Bolt Action - Soviet soldier

I got my self a box of 40 Soviet soldiers and the army book for the Soviets and I have painted a test models after looking for some colour choices of the Soviet uniforms.

These are my three steps when painting this model;

1. Base colours
Uniform - Grey Khaki
Wood - Deathclaw Brown
Bedroll etc. - Flat Earth
Gun barell - Adeptus battlegrey

2. Highlights
Added a mix of base colour and white mix of a 1:1 ratio.

3. Wash
Uniform & Bedroll etc. Wash - Quickshade Strong
Gun barrell Wash - Heavy Badab black
Wood - Baal Red

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Painting Tau Skin

GW paints the Tau skin in a grey-blue colour, but I want more colourful blue skin on my Tau, so I have made a short and simple way to paint Tau skin my way. I tried to get a photo for each step of the skin painting, but I didn't  get a good enough quality photos to use sadly, but at least a photo on the finished head.

As usual all paints are to be thinned before applied.

Colours needed;
White primer
Light Grey
Blue Wash/Ink/Shade

  1. Base & Layers - The head is primed white and layered with two layers of thin turquoise applied
  2. Highlight 1 - Turquoise 1:1 Light Grey is applied to the raised areas
  3. Highlight 2 - Turquoise 1:2 Light Grey is applied to the raised areas, at this point the high lights is a smaller area then the previous highlight.
  4. Highlight 3 - Light Grey is applied to the most raised areas,some parts are more dots the painted lines.
  5. Shade - Apply blue shade all over the skin, work the shade so it don't pool up where it should not be any shade.
  6. Re-Highlight - After the shade have dried you might want to go over the skin to re highlight some parts to make them stand out again if shading flatten them too much.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Eldar Dark Reaper Squad

Long time and no posts and I haven't done much gaming or painting really. I have some half finished test miniatures such as a High Elves  Ellyrian Reaver, a Waveserpent and a Eldar Wraith Lord.
But as a coming game with  a friend is closing in on the set date I wanted to paint up more Eldar and the Guardian Defenders wasn't that fun to paint I decided to get a smaller unit done, the Dark Reapers, they are based on the old Micro Arts studio's jungle bases as all my current Eldar.

Regarding the painting I used almost the same colours I have on my Guardians on the rreapers, the only colour that I added is purple.
I wanted something to be the same orange as my main army colour on them, so I chose to paint the main parts of the gems orange. I also painted some gems purple that goes well with the green on the Reapers.
The green missile launchers are the same green as i have on my guardians gems and shuriken catapults.
Metallics on the Reapers are copper coloured to tie in more with the orange gems.
The bases took almost as long to paint as the miniatures them selves, they are detailed so you can really go nuts on painting, but they are really nice bases.

Enjoy The Dark Reapers of the Jade Skull Shrine