Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Imperial Guard idea

I had a idea that I should get a Tallarn force, but this idea died when I couldn't get over how the metal miniatures look. So I dropped the plans for a IG force, but an idea have come up on me that I could do a Turkish/Ottoman World War 1 (WW1) inspired IG force. The first thought of this came to me when the rumours about a  plastic Steel Legions started to fly around, I could use these miniatures  as a base for a Turkish/Ottoman WW1 inspired force. Now its only a rumour that the Steel Legion will come as a plastic kit so it can shatter this idea completely for me.
This force will take me along time to build up I believe, the reason for that is I want it to be as good as possible and the best assembled and painted force I ever built.

Rumours aside, the idea is that the uniform should be world war looking, they should have a fez, maybe a WW1 looking backpack and moustache/beard. So I sceth up my idea on paper to have something to continue develope the idea for a Turkish/Ottoman IG force.
The uniform jacket shall be dark green, pants khaki and boots/gloves will be either black or dark brown. The Fez I think will be red or I might paint it dark green as the jacket, the lasgun barrel shall be black, the casing will be painted in a re brown colour to look as it is made of wood.

Now when the Imperial Knights will hit the shelves and I have pre-ordered one I plan to paint it to match this maybe future IG force, but more on that in coming Imperial Knight posts.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Minotaurs Terminators Painting Revisit

I was never totally happy with the weathering on my Minotaurs, so I have got my self some
Nihilakh Oxide to use on them. Other then the weathering I had a go at script work, highlights and details that previous where painted bronze.

For the first go at these Terminators, go here

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Imperial Knights

Finally Imperial Knights and I love the leaked images on them.  I'm not posting the leaked images on them but you can find them on rumour sites.

I was planing on expanding my existing armies and now I know what I am expanding with, so it looks like at least 1 Imperial Knight and a Wraith Knight are on my shopping list.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ork Warboss

After being primed for at least 2 years this poor Warboss has finally got some paint on him. I chose Evil Sunz clan for the colour scheme and first time I did checker pattern on a mini.

I tried out the Typhus Corrosion, Ryza Rust and Nihilakh Oxide for the first time and I like them, they easy to use. One thing I did have a problem with is that I did get the metal parts so gritty and rusted that it didn't fitted in with the rest of the model, it looked liked I had painted the Warboss i two separate styles cartoonish and gritty. I did tone down the gritty pat a bit and it started to look ok again.

Monday, 3 February 2014

2nd Eldar Warlock

This is my second Warlock for my 1000p army. I took more time painting with this one then my first Warlock and the result is allot better. I went easier with the shading and highlighted more then my last Warlock.

I have always found that I don't I have succeeded with painting black and my mistake is that I have used black as a mid tone colour. So I tried a new way after looking around for ways to paint black, so I used a dark grey as base and highlighted it 2 times with lighter grey before I washed the areas with a black wash. The result was good and I will continue painting black this way, I will experiment with the highlight and going even brighter then I did this time on my next model.

Regarding the orange I did get in cleaner this time but its not where I want it, I need to do even thinner and more layers of orange to get where I want it I think and the second thing is the shade, I need to  apply it lighter then I did this time.

Base - Jokaero Orange
Wash - Reikland Fleshade
Layer - Troll Slayer Orange (you might have to apply several layers)
Highlight 1- Troll Slayer Orange 1:1 Fire Dragon Bright
Highlight 2 - Fire Dragon Bright
Highlight 3 - Fire Dragon Bright 1:1 Pallid Wych Flesh

Base - Incubi Darkness
Layer 1 - Kabalite Green
Layer 2/ Highlight - Sybarite Green

Base - Vallejo Black Grey
Highlight 1 - Mechanicus Standard Grey
Highlight 2 - Fortress Grey
Wash - Badab Black