Thursday, 10 April 2014

Howling Banshees& Warpspiders are back on GW site

Well, my hopes for new plastic mini's were crushed yet again. I went to the new Games Workshop site and found both of the "missing" miniatures.
I had really hoped for plastic kits for the Eldar aspect warriors but I will probably have to endure an force without aspect warriors (except for Dire Avengers) for a long time, sadly.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Howling Banshee's & Warpspiders are gone from GW website

I was looking around on GW's website and I noticed that the Howling Banshee's & Warpspiders are gone. One might hope for a plastic version of them are on the way or are they just repackaged?

I have avoided the aspects warriors that are in finecast because I really dislike the material, so my Eldar force are plastic and metal miniatures. Now Howling Banshee's & Warpspiders are not my favourite units among the aspects warriors, but if they are remade I will buy a box of them, I can only hope that all of the aspects warriors are remade into plastic.