Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bolt Action Soviet Infantry painting guide - WIP 2

Washes, well a minor highlight on the rifles, other then that I wash the whole models before going on to the next step. If you want the first step go here.

This step has only one highlight which is the wood on the rifles, the reason is that after I wash the rifle I'm done with it and I want the highlight to have the same shade of red-brown as the rest of the wood.
The rest of this step is washes and more washes, this is for creating the shades we want on the miniatures. After this step you could say that your done and use them on the table, but I want two more step on them, one for re-adding the base paint and one for a highlight before I'm done with them.

Rifle Wood - Deathclaw Brown 1:1 Karak Stone

Uniform - Army Painter Strong Tone
Boots - Nuln Oil
Helmet & Grenades  - Army Painter Strong Tone
Rifle Wood - Baal Red (Carroburg Crimson)
Rifle Pipe & Metal - Nuln Oil
Bedrolls - Army Painter Strong Tone
Leather - Army Painter Strong Tone
Straps & Cantines - Army Painter Strong Tone
Skin - Reikland Fleshtone

WIP 2 - Washes

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bolt Action Soviet Infantry painting guide - WIP 1

I'm painting up some of my Soviet army and I searched the internet for some historical reference and such. What I found was that the colours of the uniforms and vehicles had variation too them depending on which factory who made them
This allow some freedom while painting, I'm not over concerned  by painting them historical correct, so long they are painted somewhere close to it, so no bright coloured red soldiers here.

First step after priming the models I paint all the base colours, I'm not over concerned at this point on being neat. It doesn't matter if I have some minor spots with the wrong colour, because I'm going to to go over the whole figure with washes then the base paint again, so those minor misses wont mater now.

So lets go through my base painting of my Soviet Infantry. For my version of the Soviet Vehicles go here, it's a T-34/85 tank but this is how I will painting all my Soviet Vehicles.

Base Paints
Primer - Army Painter Desert Yellow
Uniform -Khaki Grey 70.880
Boots - Black Grey 70.862
Helmet & Grenades  - Caliban Green
Rifle Wood - Deathclaw Brown
Rifle Pipe & Metal - Black Grey 70.862
Bedrolls - Flat Earth 70.983
Leather - Scorched Brown
Straps & Cantines - Karak Stone
Skin - Elf Flesh

WIP 1 - Base Painting

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bolt Action Terrain - Defensive Terrain Finished

So the Defensive terrain project is finished, it were all experimental with the painting I mixed colours so much that I cant say really what I did with it, but the result is sufficient enough to put on the table.
 I Think I want the earth colour to be a bit more sand coloured, not that I find this a horrid colour but I would like it lighter. hats a thought on the next try on a defensive position on the eastern front.
As I said in the earlier post I can fit a 60mm base in it or a T-34/85 tank (almost the whole thing..its a bit long).

Here some pictures:

More pictures fore some scale:

Monday, 19 May 2014

Bolt Action Terrain - Defensive Terrain WIP 1

Warlord Games do provide really nice terrain for Bolt Action, but as always I want to make something my self for the games I play.
So I tried to make a defensive position for a mortar team or anything on a 60 mm base, but then I thought that I should make it wider so I can have three 25mm bases in there and make it so a group of 10 can be in the terrain. This was all fine until I had assembled it all and I realised that I had forgotten to add extra width for the I cant have three  25mm bases but I can have a 60 mm base in there or a T-34/85 tank.

I try to use as inexpensive materials as I can for my terrain and I look fore things around the house for the material, this is what I used;

  1. Low density styrofoam
  2. PVA glue
  3. Citadel Sand
  4. Small stones from playground
  5. Popsicle sticks
  6. Wooden BBQ sticks
  7. Cardboard

I will bee adding paint and static grass to it and finishing it up in the next update.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bolt Action - Coming releases, next year

I sent an e-mail to Warlord Games asking if they are thinking of releasing some thing for the Chinese theatre of war during WWII, this is the answer;

"We will be doing some theatre books, 5 of them next year which will cover the whole of ww2.One of them is the Pacific and we  will be including the mighty and terrible battles of the China/Japan clashes.. epic as they were...I think they will be very interesting..

thanks for the note best wishes john stallard Warlord Games owner."

This sounds really good, not only will they release what I wanted but there is more coming next year. As the answer state the coming releases will cover the whole of WWII, I cant say I'm disappointed in that at all, so good job Warlord Games, I will be waiting for these releases with great anticipation.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bolt Action T-34/85 painted

Well I finally got the transfers on the tank and there for I'm officially done with it. I started out with an idea that I wanted the tank darker then what I finally went with, the reason is that I after painting it in dark green I started Highlighting it and the result of that wasn't really what I wanted. So I painted over the highlights again and then I went with a much brighter green and I worked on putting shadows on it rather the highlights. I'm pretty pleased with the result and the what's missing is some dirt weathering on the tracks, but I don't have any pigments for it so this will do.

Imanly use Citadel paints, but now and then I find the colours or shades from Army painter and  Vallejo that I really like to use.

Black primer, Caliban Green, Death World Forest,  Tin Bitz, Bolt Gun Metal, Nuln Oil,  Enchanted Blue, Skull White, Typhus Corrosion, Ryza Rust, Strong Tone (shade), Black Grey (70.862), Decal Medium.

I assembled the whole model except for the tracks which I painted separately before assembling them, this also makes it easier to paint the track wheels.

Primed the hole model black

1. Caliban Green
2. Strung Tone wash
3. Dry brush Death World Forest
4. Typhus Corosion
5. Ryza Rust
6. Death World Forest

1. Dry brushed Grey Black
2. Strong tone black
3. Typhus Corrosion
4. Ryza Rust
5. Strong Tone

Machine Gun& Ventilation exhausts
1. Grey Black
2. Nuln Oil
3. Lightly dry brush Death World Forest (Ventilation Exhaust only)

Exhausts & Steel wires
1. Tin Bitz
2. Bolt Gun Metal
3. Lightly apply Typhus Corrosion

1. Enchanted Blue
2. Strong Tone (applied on on the to be dark side instead of a darker blue)
3. Enchanted blue (applied watered down on the to be lighter half)
4. Enchanted Blue 1:1 Skull White (apply a thin line on the upper left side)

1. Decal Medium
2. Place the transfers (let them dry before proceeding on to the next step)
3. Decal Medium (let it dry before proceeding on to the next step)
5. Stipple lightly Death world forest  over the decals (this make them a bit more toned down and not so bright)