Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bolt Action Soviet Infantry painting guide - WIP 4

So this step is most for adding some highlights to the miniatures. When I highlight I use base paint 1:1 Off white (such as beige), I also thin the paint down more then on the other stages so highlights blend in more nicely with the previous paint layer
The areas I highlight are the raised areas and knees and elbows,  I try to avoid to extreme highlights on these models to keep them in a sober tone and that's the reason why  I don't highlight all areas.
The only thing hat is left to do on these models are touch ups and the bases, this will be covered in the last WIP.

Layer 2 Highlights
Primer - Army Painter Desert Yellow 1:1 Ushabti Bone
Uniform -Khaki Grey 70.880 1:1 Ushabti Bone
Boots - Black Grey 70.862 1:1 Ushabti Bone
Helmet & Grenades  - Caliban Green 1:1 Ushabti Bone

Bedrolls - Flat Earth 70.983 1:1 Ushabti Bone
Leather - Scorched Brown 1:1 Ushabti Bone
Straps & Cantines - Karak Stone 1:1 Ushabti Bone
Skin - Elf Flesh 1:1 White

WIP 4 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bolt Action Soviet Infantry painting guide - WIP 3

This step is to go over the whole miniatures with out base paint and leaving the recesses alone. You need to be more careful when you painting this step so we don't loose the shadow effect from the washes. Some of the cloth areas have small ridges and crevasses, here I just paint it all over with the base paint, because I will will highlight those ridges in the next step.
The only area I don't reapply the base paint is on the gun barrels I just leave  them as they are and the rifle wood was done in step 2 so the only area on the weapons that will be painted are the bayonets.

If yo want the first  two step go here for step one and here for step two.

Base Paint
Red parts - Mechrite Red

Layer 1

Uniform - Khaki Grey 70.880
Boots - Black Grey 70.862
Helmet & Grenades  - Caliban Green 1:1 Death World Forest (For those who don't want to mix paint, use Loren Forest)
Rifle Wood - Deathclaw Brown
Boots - Black Grey 70.862
Bedrolls - Flat Earth 70.983
Leather - Scorched Brown
Straps & Cantines - Karak Stone
Skin - Elf Flesh
Bayonets & Other metal details - Leadbelcher
Medals & Officer belt buckle -  Brass 70.801
Red parts - Evil Sunz Scarlet

Helmet & Officer belt buckle  - Army painter Strong tone