Sunday, 27 July 2014

Imperial Knight Porphyo WIP 2

I have painted the leg armour plates and the base, my goal will not be reached this week. But  have ordered some transfers that will help me finish of this model, first is the Imperial Knight transfers sheet from Games Workshop and Emperors Children transfer sheet from Forgeworld. I will use the skull and hoplite transfers as the personal heraldry and the  laurel wreath from the Emperor Childrens sheet as the house symbol.

The Knight

Well most paint is on the model now, no black primer showing, but there is a lot more to do on the carapace and the arms and weapons, the rest is good as done.I  also  need to highlight the gold a bit more, I probably will go with the GW way and add silver on the most prominent areas.
The eagle transfers on the legs were a bit fiddly for me to apply due to the parts that is around the form of the arrow, but now they are there at least.

The Base

The base is painted the same way as my Minotaur's force and while I was painting it I got the idea to add some Mordheim turf to it. My Minotaur's bases are only sand and rocks so I probably add some Mordheim turf on them before I us them next time.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Imperial Knight Porphyo WIP 1

I bought this Imperial Knight when it was released and I haven't started painting it until now, so I have set a goal to finish painting my Imperial Knight before my vacation is done and I will probably not make it...

I had an idea that I should build a cockpit on this one, I haven't done it yet so I wont glue on the carapace armour yet and the general style is to use transfers that have some Greek/Byzantine touch to it on the Knight to make it fit my Minotaur army a bit more. 
I had to remove paint from half of the panels due to bush strokes, this was because I didn't ad in that is so freaking hot now so the paint was drying so fast that I got brush strokes, now I still have brush strokes still on some parts but they are minor so I will let them be and I don't want repaint any more parts.

The transfers on the knee pad and the name are from the Minotaur chapters transfer sheet from Forgeworld, I will buy the extra transfer sheet from GW to get a personal heraldic symbol for the knight (the skull with hoplite helmet shape on the lower half) and for the House symbol I'm looking over at Forgeworld to find something that will fit.

But this is how far I have come with one week to go...

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bolt Action Soviet Infantry painting guide - WIP 5

It's time for the base and touch ups, I generally mess up the feet's on the minis while I do the bases, my dry brushing isn't that precise. I  also touch up the rest of my misses on the miniatures, I take a good look on each one of the miniatures so I can spot my sloppiness, truth be told I only do something about if I can see it from a tabletop angle of view.

The earth is simple and straight forward to do, simply pick a shade of brown as base and the simply add  an beige tone and dry brush it. When it come to the stones, I don't like to go from black/grey and then add white to highlight them, this is for the same reason why I don't add white to any highlights on these miniatures, I want the highlights to be soft.
If you want more prominent highlights, use white, but my preference is, specially with historical miniatures, is to use beige for a soft tone. Stones has a brown tone to them, not just grey tones and I have used the soft tone approach to the miniatures it fits better.

1. Grave Yard Earth, base
2. Grave Yard Earth 1:1 Ushabti Bone, Dry brush
3. Ushabti Bone, Light Dry brush

1. Black Grey 70.862, base
2. Black Grey 70.862 1:1 Ushabti Bone, a really thin coat all over the stones.
3. Ushabti Bone, Light Dry brush

For the basing I went for a grass field in the summer time, to add some reality to the grass I used a static grass, grass tufts and flower tufts for the bases.
I use different types of grass to get some more realistic look to it, my aim is to have the bases look like a grass field and grass fields do have different types of grass and length on the grass.
Due to my good lamp dying on me I had to use a more yellow light so the colours on the pictures are a bit off, I tried to correct them much as possible, but then again these pictures are about the grass on the bases not on the painting so it will do.

Army painter Jungle Tuft
Army Painter Meadow Flowers
Army Painter Winter Tuft
Citadel Static Grass
Citadel Static Glade Grass