Monday, 13 October 2014

Infinity - Operation Icestorm

Woho! I received my Operation Icestorm box and I took a quick look at the content, its really good. The miniatures are awesome, the paper terrain looks good, so I really got value for my money. I never played Infinity before nor really seen it played other then on videos, most people in my area play 40k, Warhammer Fantasy or Bolt Action, so I thought I might try to  get some demo games done with people at my local store.
The reason I bought this starter box is because I love the miniatures Corvus Belli makes and if I like the game I will try to push the game in my area and hope that more people pick it up.

Well you get 14 miniatures in the box, one extra if you pre-ordered it. There is seven PanOcieania miniatures and seven Nomads miniatures in the box, all looks really good, I love the style Infinity miniatures have, it really breaks off from the 28mm heroic scale models Im used too.


"PanOceania is the Nº1. Great Power of the Human Sphere. It owns the greatest number of planets, has the richest economy and possesses the most advanced technology. Pragmatic and generous, PanOceania is a melting-pot of cultures, heir to the best democratic and welfare traditions of the West. Proud of itself and somewhat domineering it can claim to have the most technically sophisticated society and army in the Sphere and likes to brag about it."


"The Nomads consist of three enormous ships whose inhabitants, discontented with a society controlled by huge macroeconomic blocks and by A.I., have separated themselves from it and roam through space, trading from system to system. Tunguska is dedicated to the traffic and storage of information. Corregidor offers skilled labour at a good price, while Bakunin trades in all that is exotic and illegal in whatever area, from fashion to nano-engineering"

When I read about these two factions I probably will end up collecting the Nomads, on the other hand you don't need that many miniatures and it isn't that expensive if you look at other games. As an insight to my own behaviour  I know that I will collect more factions if I really like Infinity.

The paper terrain that you get in Operation Icestorm is made out of paper, its easy to assemble and as a tip I have seen on other sites on the internet you can use the boxes that the miniatures comes in to make the houses more stable, just put the pa per houses over the box.
You also get containers in the box, as i said previous, they are easy to assemble and if you like more terrain like this there are papercaft sites you can visit and download and print them out on cardboard paper, they are usually free for download.
The play map so to say, is really good looking and fits well with the houses and containers, I cant really complain about it. You might want to laminate it if you want it to last longer, I don't know I will do it, because I have my eye on a gaming mat from  Micro art studio.

As conclusion on the terrain that follows along with this box I have to say its really good and smart move by Corvus Belli to put in the starter box. It will make the games you play a bit better because of it, I'm a firm believer that terrain is an essential part in the wargaming hobby and the better (looks, feel, and themed) terrain you use when playing the better your gaming experience will be.

I only have had quick look at the starter rules, but it comes in one book, one half is in Spanish and the other one is in English. The structure of it is a brief introduction to the Infinity universe, then a short story that gives you the background for the missions that follows along with the rules.
They way they have structured the book is that you play the different missions and for each mission they add more rules, this makes it easier to follow along  and as this is a starter box it will help someone as me to learn the rules as I play the game. Good job Corvus Belli.
The full set of rules is available on the Infinity website, I do think its still 2nd edition rules and the starter rules in this box is 3rd edition, I might be wrong there.

You get dices and markers etc., so you can play right out of the box, that's always a good thing. I would liked if the markers were made of a bit thicker cardboard and that's the only thing that I can complain about, regarding the markers.

Anyway, I'm pleased with the content of this box, it's worth the money I spent on it and now I just have to assemble, paint and play. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Review: Infinity Operation Icestorm Bases by Giraldez

I have pre ordered the Infinity starter box Operation Icestorm and  I was looking around for ideas for the bases, I found Custom Meeple and they make the "basing material" that is used in the photos for the starter set.

They look good so I ordered the Infinity Operation Icestorm Bases by Giraldez, which includes
14 pieces , seven for each faction and I also ordered more Nomad bases, five regular bases and a 55mm base, with both of these products you can choose between plasticard (0,8mm) and high density cardboard (0,32mm), I went with the plasticard version.

The plasticard has a bit of rough edges but after you smooth them out it will fit the base nicley, the small bits in holes on the nomad bases are removed easly, just poke them out. I smoothed the edges with the backside of my hobby knife and it didn't take long at all to get a smooth result, just take it easy and don't use the edge of your knife, you might ruin the shape.

When it comes to glueing the plasticard to the bases you could use PVA glue, but watered down so it wont go in  to the holes (regarding the Nomad bases) and cover them up, personally I used plastic glue and it worked fine.

My opinion of this product is that its great, the thickness of them is the best thing with them. The quality of them are really nice, it isn't the most advanced or most decorated bases you can get but the will make your bases look good and fits nicely in with the sleek futuristic style of Infinity.

I have used resin bases for my Eldar, I have used Imperialis Sector basing for my Dark Eldar and both these types of bases I have used has its problem. The full resin bases looks great but have some problems with placing a model on them, the Imperialis Sector basing set have the problem with them that they don't fit the bases that good, they are a bit smaller then base top so you will get a  small area that the basing wont cower. That might not be a big issue but it annoys me.

These two issues have described above I didn't have them with the Infinity bases (or rather basing material), so that's a plus. My verdict of this product is that I'm really pleased with it and I will use them on all future Infinity miniatures.

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