Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bolt Action Soviet Commissar, LT & Medic

I just finished painting these soviet miniatures for my next Bolt Action game, they are more or less speed painted. I just did Base/Wash/Base/Highlight on them, but that is more or less tabletop standard in my eyes.

and yes for you who spotted that my Commissar is missing his head, in  my clam pack there was a German officer head instead of a Commissar head. I'm planing on taking a officer head from the plastic Soviet Infantry box on him instead, there isn't a huge difference between them anyway, but for now he will be headless.

So here is how I did the main colours;

1. Khaki Grey
2. Athonian Camoshade
3. Khaki Grey
4. Khaki Grey 1:1 Ushabti Bone

1. Kantor Blue
2. Nuln Oil
3. Kantor Blue
4. Kantor Blue 1:1 Ushabti Bone

...and a infantry squad.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Wych and the Warrior

I have tried to decide on a colour scheme on my Dark Eldar and of the latest try was this which I liked, but green and red is too common. So I wanted to do something else and I have decided that I will remove the red and add purple/pink instead. I did try with pure purple first but it didn't "pop" enough so I added some pink to it brighten the colour up a bit.

Most of the colours you probably can see what I used so I will only go through the Armour, Jumpsuit and purple/pink parts of the miniatures.

Base painting
Primer: Black
Skin: Pallid Wych Flesh
Jumpsuit: Black
Armour: Incubi Darkness
Purple/Pink:  Naggaroth Night


1. Incubi Darkness 1:1 Sotek Green
2. Kabalite Green 1:1 Sotek Green
3. Coellia Green Shade
4. Kabalite Green 1:1:1 Sotek Green/Sybarite Green
5. Sotek Green 1:1 White

After the Base colour I only painted highlights on the jumpsuits.

1. Black Grey (70.862)
2. Fenris Grey


1. Naggaroth Night 1:1 Emperor's Children
2. Xerius Purple 1:1 Emperor's Children
3. Emperor's Children
4. Emperor's Children 1:1 White
5. Druchii Violet (Shade)