Thursday, 28 May 2015

Stone fence terrain

I got the idea for these stone fences when I looked at Warlord Games Ostfront book, in the web store. There is a few pictures of the content of the book and in one of the pictures there is stone wall fences that looked that they were made by real stones (or rather stone pebbles).
The idea is was to create stone walls that parted fields form each other, the stones er e collected mainly from the ones you would find when you worked the fields and they were used to create a wall to separate different fields.

So I went outside and got myself a small bucket of a stone pebbles from outdoors and got to work, the materials I used were simple to get or cheap to buy;

  • Stone pebbles, get them outdoors.
  • White glue, cheap from the store.
  • Cardboard, from a box.

I used one big sheet of cardboard that I  applied the white glue on, the white glue  were applied 1-2 cm wide and roughly 15 cm long, don't use to small amount of glue, you want the pebbles really stick top the cardboard.
After the first layer of glue and stone pebbles had dried I applied white glue again, this time I used a smaller amount of glue, so the glue didn't take over the shape of stones. I used a narrow line  of glue and then widened it carefully with a brush, you don't want the glue to cover the first layer sides.
After the second layer were dried I applied  one to two layers more to get it to a good height, each layer were more narrowed then the layer before it and this is the result.

You can use smaller pebbles or large grain of sand to fill some holes, but be careful not to use too much glue, you don't want to cover the details of the pebbles.


I didn't know how to paint them, grey coloured stones is a bit boring and the pictures in the Ostfront book from Warlord Games showed a type of limestone/sandstone coloured stone fences.
I tried with brown grey combinations with cheap art acrylic paint but they came out more as pinkish stones, not what I wanted. After a while I got annoyed with trying to get a good colour from the craft paints so I used Citadels paint instead, its a lot more expensive but I'm happy with the result.

  • Dark Grey or Dark Brown
  • Karak Stone
  • Screaming Skull
  • White Scar 
  • Army painter Soft tone

1. Go with either dark grey or dark brown.
2. Karak stone, base paint the stone fences with it.
3. Screaming Skull, heavy dry brush layer.
4. Soft tone, shade the whole thing.
5. Screaming Skull 1:1 White Scar, dry brush layer.

I added some vegetation to the stone fences by using Woodland Scenic s Coarse Turf, I just glued  small patches in the cracks between the stones. I also cover the small patches of the base of the fences with sand and painted them with the following;

1. Steel Legion Drab, base coat.
2. Screaming Skull, dry brush layer.

Then I added some tuft to match my soviet army and the ones I used were;

  • Army painter Winter Tuft
  • Citadel Static Grass
  • Citadel Static Glade Grass
  • Woodland Scenic's Coarse Turf
  • Army Painter Meadow Flowers
  • Army Painter Jungle Tuft

This is the result, could even be better with some wash one first layer or perhaps pigment to make them look a bit more dirty. But I'm happy with the result of my experiment, this is a really cheap way to make stone fences if you don't want to buy one of the many plastic kits you can find on the market. I hope this will help/inspire you to make your own terrain.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Playing with Colours: Craftworld Eldar #1

I got bored painting my orange eldar so I painted up one my reserve guardians that I had laying around. The idea was to paint it "not so colourful", this was to break of my so colourful eldar force.
When I was done I was pleased with the result and thought to my self that I have some more of these "reserve" eldar guardians so why not paint them in different colour schemes, just for fun and practice painting. So when I get bored with whatever I'm painting for the moment, I will paint a miniature to test colour combination and to break of from the batch painting I usually do.


Base: Rakarth Flesh
Shade: Agrax Earthshade
Layer: Rakarth Flesh
Highlight: Palid Wych Flesh

Base: Merchrite Red
Shade: Agrax Earthshade
Layer: Merchrite Red
Highlight 1: Evil Sun Scarlet
Highlight 2: Wild Rider Red