Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Infinity - Painting PanOceania

So I finally got started on my Infinity models, the reason why I picked the PanOceania miniatures to do first is because I wanted to practice on them before I started with the Nomads, which is my favourite of these two factions.
My plan for painting my Infinity miniatures is to paint them in the order they appear in the missions, PanO first and then the Nomads.

The main problem was to get a good blue, I rarely paint blue so my pile of paint didn't have what I wanted, so I went to my local shop and picked up some blue colours. The aim was to get something close to what the miniatures have on the Operation Icestorm box. As you can see I didn't really get there, the colour scheme that CB uses looks to have more grey in it, something like Fenris Grey but I like this more colourful blue I got.

I really liked to paint this miniatures, it has loots of details, which I do like to paint. it was a bit different to paint then the usual GW miniatures or Warlord Games miniatures I usually paint.
There is a lot of potential to get a really awesome looking miniature out of these Infinity minis, if you have the time to put in to it.
Regarding the base, I use the base add-ons from Custome Meepel, these a really made to airbrush. Trying to get a good looking base with a brush will take time. I don't have that time or the skill to pull it off. If you use these add-ons use many thin layers and don't have the whole base in one colour, it will look really flat and uninteresting. I will probably redo this one.

Armour (Blue)
1.  Kantor Blue
2. Teclis Blue
3. Teclis Blue 1:1 Lothern Blue
4. Lothern Blue
5. Lothern Blue 1:1 White Scar (Edges)

1. Steel Legion Drab
2. Soft tone
3. Desert Yellow
4. Karak Stone
5. Karak Stone 1:1 Rakarth Flesh

1. Ulthuan Grey
2. Ulthuan Grey 1:1 White Scar
3.  White Scar