Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dark Elf Corsair

This old miniature are one of my absolute favourites of all time, I don't really know why but this miniature made me drop my Empire army to pick up Dark elves instead. Unfortunately I got my armies for 40k and Warhammer fantasy stolen and so did many at the club, but I found this miniature online many years later and finally I got it painted. I might even base it on a round base for Age of Sigmar.

Regarding the paint scheme I wanted  a cold pallet with some spots of warm colours, that's why the skin on the severed head is tanned and the leather on the axe is painted in a red brown colour.

1. Sotek Green
2. Temple Guard Blue
3. Coellia Green Shade (only where the cloth is in shadow)
4. Temple Guard Blue 1:1 White Scar
5. Temple Guard Blue 1:3 White Scar (Edges only)

Sea Dragon cloak
1. Incubi Darkness
2. Nuln Oil
3. Thunderhawk Blue
4. Fenrisian Grey

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Bolt Action - Soviet MMG and Medium Mortar teams

Here is two weapon teams for my Soviet Union force, I glued all the miniatures on the base before painting, that wasn't so smart. I had problems reaching some areas on the miniatures, specially on the MMG teama gunner. So some parts that's facing towards the support weapon are less detailed then the rest of the miniatures. Next time I paint a support weapon team I will not glue every thing to the base at once, I will paint things separately and when finished I will glue them in place, sometimes I really feel like a noob at this.
I  wanted the greatcoat to be another colour then the regular uniform and when I looked at Osprey pictures the great coats seemed to be brownish, so that I went with that.


 I paint the uniforms as I have done on previous soviet miniatures, the parts that I have changed the way painted on these miniatures are described below.

1. Doom Bull Brown
2. Strong tone
3, Doom Bull Brown
4. Tuskgor Fur

1. Steele Legion Drab
2. Soft tone
3. Steel Legion Drab 1:1 Screaming Skull

Support weapons
1. Caliban Green
2. Deathworld Forest (Drybrush)
3. Athonian Camoshade
4. Loren Forest