Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Dark Elf Corsair

 I painted up the first of a unit with Corsairs and I used the same colour scheme that I used on my old Corsair miniature, you see what colours I used here.
I based them on round bases due to Age of Sigmar, I don't see my self playing Warhammer fantasy at all, due to lack of time to paint  such a big force and so on.
Regarding painting this miniature, I really don't like painting hair. Tats because I'm struggling with it and these Dark Elves Corsairs have a lot of hair flying in the wind so I will have some much needed practice on painting hair. Te rest of the miniature was fun to paint, a lot of different materials with good details, specially the cloak, that part took some time to do.
The basing is painted the same way my forests are, in a dark earth colour scheme with citadel static grass, I also added a winter tuft from Army painter,
The one painting thing I want to cover in this post is the inside of the sea dragon cloak:

1. Screamer Pink
2. Carroburg Crimson

3. Screamer Pink
4. Emperor's Children
4. Emperor's Children 1:1 White Scar