Saturday, 3 October 2015

Review: Werewoolf Miniatures - Lusitanian Jungle Marksman Body (5)

I found these on eBay when I was looking around for potential miniatures for my warband from Estalia, I was thinking of using the Marienburger warband rules for them.
Werewoolf miniatures are a polish company that has a store on eBay, they have more variants of the Lusitinians then ones I bought and more. I really like Werewoolfs miniatures  ogre miniatures, I didn't wanna buy them first time around, I wanted to check out the quality of the cast before I bought more from them.

So on to the miniatures I bought, I went with marksmen without heads and five in the box, they have sets with heads and five or ten miniatures on eBay. I already got heads in my bits box so I had no need for heads. The miniatures are in 28mm heroic scale and they will fit well in with other miniatures in that category.

You will get three standing, two kneeling miniatures in the box and they are made out of resin. The cast is good, no issues  at all, I found no air bubbles and the mold line is minimal on them.
The level of detail is really nice, I especially like that the clothes have worn look to them, even the breastplates have a that look to them, it's perfect for my Mordheim warband.

Mordheim terrain

I have been cleaning out my hobby pile of random stuff and I found a unfinished project that has been collecting dust for two years, plus that I found the sketch for my first idea. Apparently I wanted to do a windmill, but somewhere along the line I decided to make this in to a tower instead.
This tower is build with foamcore/foamboard, cardboard, popcicle sticks and coffee stirrers, all glued with PVA glue.

I dusted it off and added the last corner stones on the tower and the roof;

Painted and finished tower;

I used three paints for the tower and I used white or khaki and black to change the shade of the colour so I cant write what ratio I used in each step.

Roof - Shadow Grey
Walls - Karak stone
Stones - Mechanicus standard grey
Wood - Dryad bark
Moss - Catachan Green, Camo green and Athonian camoshade

Turned out pretty nice, but the real satisfaction is that I finished it. There is four small shields on the sides of the tower which I painted as really old so you can barley make out the sylvanian heraldry on them due to the heavy weatjhering on them.

I have too many unfinished projects that I either need to finish or throw them away, need the space for new projects and games.