Monday, 25 January 2016

Dark Elf Cold One

I got the idea to get in to Age of Sigmar a while ago and I started to paint my Dark Elves Corsairs, I have a lot of old fantasy armies or half sized armies laying around. So I went through my stash of plastics and I found five cold one knights I got from eBay a long time ago and I got the urge to paint them. Plus that I have already painted some corsairs in the past and I have more Dark Elves (Exiles) laying around that I will use for a AoS force.
So my thought was that I should use my "old" Dark Elves for Age of Sigmar, but they are on square bases, so after calculating how much I would have to spend on bases I was rethink my first choice, now I'm thinking of getting in to the Death faction instead, they are in the coming new Realm Gate Wars so they will have the round bases in the box and I always liked undead.
Yes, I know I don't have to get the round bases, but miniatures do look better on round bases in my opinion. But that don't stop me from painting the dark elves I already got, so here is my first cold one;

Painting the scales
1. Incubi Darkness
2. Nuln Oil
3. Thunderhawk Blue (Dry brush)
4. Fenrisian Grey (Dry brush)

Painting the Belly
1. Sotek Green
2. Temple Guard Blue
3. Temple Guard Blue 1:1 White Scar
4. Temple Guard Blue 1:3 White Scar (Edges only)

Regarding the base, I'm not happy with it, I'm thinking to make a purple black/grey rocky base instead of snow bases for my Dark elves, time will tell...

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Terrain - Ruined house WIP

Long time since I posted anything on this blog, I have been using Instagram to share my hobby instead of this blog. But I have been painting  and building terrain these past months and  sitting down and write up a post and add pictures  hasn't been top of my list.

Anyway, my latest terrain piece I have been working on is this ruined house, I was inspired by the PC game Mordheim, which I have been playing since it was released. So I was inspired by the game, ruined houses looks great and now when I play AoS and don't have block formations on the table I wanted to build a terrain piece that is usable as cover terrain for AoS and Mordheim.

The material I used were foamboard, coffee stirs, wall filler, sand, cardboard and matches and all is glued together with PVA glue and glue gun. So this is a WIP post, so the piece isn't painted yet but the build is, so enjoy.