Thursday, 26 May 2016

Spirit Hosts

I bought the get started boxes for the Grand Alliance Death boxes for Age of Sigmar and I might have bought too many miniatures at once. I didn't touch the boxes for the first two weeks but I finally cracked one opened and I have painted the spirit Hosts.

Painting these miniatures was almost ridiculously easy, the bases took longer time to do. I went wit the easiest way I could find and I found it in White Dwarf 32, september 6th 2014.

1. Prime white
2. Nihilakh Oxide
3. White skull on raised areas

The cobblestones on the bases was made with green stuff and it's really easy, you can find I guide to it here. For the leaves I used dried birch tree seeds and I painted them orange and the I shaded them with Reikland Flesh.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Terrain - Ruined house

I have forgotten to post the finished ruined house.  I did skip the detailing on the inside of the house to get it done. I used wall filler to make the dirt on the floor and then I mixed old flock with PVA glue to add some more texture to it.
When it comes to painting I used Steel legion drab as base paint for the walls and then I mixed in screaming skull to it in two stages. The darker areas are just Army Painter Strong tone, the moss is two olive green colours that is stippled on.
The roof did take a while to do, the reason is is that I made the tiles a lot smaller then I did on the tower so the cutting it out took ages. Painting it I used deeper red colour and washed it down wit strong tone and then drybrushed it it up with the base colour.
The wood is painted with Dryad Bark, washed with strong tone and then I added light grey to the dryad bark for a layer of drybrushing.