Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Skeleton Warriors

The first ten skeletons are done, I went with the classical colour scheme for my undead force. The shields are some old Tomb Kings shields which I liked  but now when they are discontinued I have to mix with the regular undead shields.

The banner is not finished, I need to come up with a motif for it. So far I thinking a leaf less tree, sword, batwing or a castle. Well I'm in no rush to get it done right now. I have both of the get the started boxes for the undead and two morghast archai's to paint.

I choosed to paint my skeletons in a more white"

1. Skavenblight Dinge

2. Stormvermin Fur
3. Karak Stone
4. Screaming Skull
5. Terminatus Stone

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