Thursday, 24 November 2016

Blood Bowl

GW are releasing Blood Bowl again and that game are one of my favourite games of all time. I have played it so many times with different teams over the years. If memory serves its a awesome game to play.
I used to play Blood Bowl when I hadn't time for fantasy or other games that took a long time play or play a game with non gamer friends back in the days, so this is a must buy.

So in the box there will be humans and orcs so I will probably play humans in the first league at my local store. The miniatures look so much better then they did in the erlier releases, snap-fit are greate for non hobbyists.
The game board is double sided, a human  filed and an orc field, that's a nice touch, the same goes for the dugouts. The rules should be the same as before with some minor changes and that's good and bad I guess, but in the whole it shouldn't be a problem. There is allot of randomness in the game, if you don't like that, this game isn't for you.

Im not painting the humans as the Reikland Reavers, I thought that I would resurrect an old team name from the past, Nachthafen Bloods. The team is made up by Sylvanian petty nobles that want to impress their lords and lady's so they can get the kiss and live forever. The peasants are to underfed to play any sports game so they all are petty nobles.

The team I really want to play is the Dark Elves, they have a play style I like more then the humans. The rules for them will be out with the Death Zone book that also will be released with the BB box, but the miniatures I have to wait for. I haven't found my old models I used in the past, not a big loss when you look at the new minis GW puts out today.

Teams I have played in the past...

...Naggaroth Patriots - Dark Elves - Black & Purple
With these guys I won a League, I had a really good season with few deaths and injuries and when you have that going for a elf team they get really good.
I used the New England Patriots logo and changed the hat so it looked as an Dark Elf helmet and switch the colours, plus that I added an elf ear to the logo.

...Kings Glade Monarks -  Wood Elves - Green & Gold
I didnt win the league with this team but I had so much fun with it, the Treeman became a beast at the end and my wardancers were hard to stop. The only problem with Wood elves for me was the low armour value, the get injured and dies pretty easy compared to other teams, but hey they got wardancers.
The logo for them was an oak tree with a golden crown on it.

...Nachthafen Bloods - Humans - Black & Red
Unfortunately the league died out before we could finish it, I did ok with them, the most fun with them were the back story I came up for them (read above). WE made up funny storys when they failed stuff and so on as we played, that were alot fun, so I probably will paint the humans as Nachthafen Bloods.
This teams logo is really simple, I used the red blood drop transfer from the Blood Angel transfers sheet on black armour.